Corporate Emcee
Corporate Emcee

Best Corporate Emcee in Mumbai

Corporate emcee plays an important role in conference party, annual functions at corporate field. Anchor Jay Karmani is the best, energetic and highly professional Corporate Emcee in Mumbai. With the new ideas of contents, he presents himself on the stage makes peoplemore exciting and cheerful.

He has worked for many reputed companies like KPIT, fujistu, xento, john dhere etc. His interaction with the audience is interesting which helped in making event successful. He plays as party host at corporate event that has to maintain his composure and stick with the program.

He can adopt subject matter on event easily that he can connect with the event and even comment appropriately. To deliver smooth and seamless event, he works hard with full of dedication. He has ability to handle whole event by reading mood of the audience. There is no chance get any dull movement at event.


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